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It's important to protect your home from storm and intrusion, and this process starts with the most penetrable part of your home; your windows.  You could board them up, but what a dark and depressing place your home would be without a little sun peaking in.  You could replace your windows with shatter-proof products, but that requires some significant construction work, which is expensive, messy, and time-intensive.

Introducing Secure-Lite.  The Secure-Lite Window Shutter System is the next generation in permanent storm and security protection.  A patented, impact-resistant window shutter system that provides permanent year-round protection, Secure-Lite is the only transparent storm and intrusion protection system that can mount over your existing window, and opens and closes like your existing window.  The installation process is quick and cost-effective, and the result is a fully protected home with the sun still shining in.  The installation is permanent, and the product is beautiful and maintenance free, so once it's up, you never have to worry about it again.

Are you building a new home?  Are you a contractor?  Secure-Lite has a new construction system that applies the Secure-Lite technology to a single-pane window that can be installed as a stand-alone window unit.  It includes many of the great Secure-Lite features, including insulation, UV protection, fog proofing, and others.  Plus, this Secure-Lite product is offered to the new construction market at an extremely competitive price advantage.

Do you have a historical facility, home or commercial?  In the past, it has been extremely difficult to upgrade either of these structure types, due to the variety of rules and regulations regarding the appearance of their exteriors.  However, with the Secure-Lite System, we have overcome these issues and can now install Secure-Lite Window Shutters on either type of historical facility.

The Secure-Lite Window System provides a wide array of benefits for your home and your family.  Check out the Features & Benefits section to see them all.

The Secure-Lite Patented Window System offers three models: the single-hung, the picture, and the horizontal slider.  We offer three mounting techniques: in-mount, out-mount, and direct-mount.  We offer an ideal window solution to three markets: existing homes, new construction, and historical homes.  And you'll have to look at least three times before you'll believe how strong, accessible, and beautiful the Secure-Lite Window System is on your home.

Storms happen and burglars strike.  It's not a good idea to leave your home unprotected, and now you don't have to anymore.  A solution has never been easier or safer than the Secure-Lite Window.  Metal and plywood isn't permanent, it's a chore to install and remove, and you can't escape through your window in case of a fire.  Shutters are expensive, and they leave you and your family in the dark.  Secure-Lite eliminates all these problems and more.  Easy, effective, safe, beautiful.  You're out of excuses.